In 1998, Spectrolab NZ was born with a team of Hydraulic Technicians and Engineers, it is the analysis side of Dynamic Fluid Systems. 

We came across a lot of machines that were a bit sad and needed some tender love and care.

Oil sampling and analysis gives us that look into your machinery and what is really going on and what could likely happen in the future. 

While most oil lab technicians are just lab rats, here at Spectrolab NZ our lab technicians are hydraulic technicians. 

This is a HUGE benefit as we know how the oil moves and flows throughout your machinery and we can help you do the work needed to get your machine back to its peak performance. 

We have found that many maintenance and management personnel find it hard to decipher most sample results sheets. We support our customers in not just teaching them how to read and understand the results but their machinery too. 

Many result sheets are confusing and sometimes it takes people a while to understand them, and then theydon’t always understand them correctly because of how confusing the layout can be. 

Spectrolab NZ has a report that is super easy to understand with the relevant information that you need to be looking at, any important notes or instructions that may be needed and a history of your machine over the last 3-4 oil samples analysed so you can see the important trends occurring in your machines.